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Content Marketing Strategy : How to generate more leads?

July 22, 2021
Content Marketing Strategy: How to generate more leads?

Creating a successful content marketing strategy is crucial for any business. The content plan for a brand needs to be able to generate traffic, build brand awareness along with audience trust and generate leads. To get all this and even conversions, one needs to have a robust content marketing strategy.

Here we have rounded up some tips so that you can develop a content marketing plan that will help you grow your audience and generate more leads.

Identify your audience

Who is your target audience? Create a buyer persona, know your ideal customer. This will come in handy to create content for your audience. Think of your ideal customer's concerns. Their aspirations, the problems that they are facing.

How can you solve their problems? The answers to all these questions will help you create content for your target audience.

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What are you aiming at?

Before you develop your content marketing strategy, you need to set your goals. What are your expectations? What is the reason for content creation? Most businesses and brands aim to generate more leads, which will result in higher conversions.

Make sure that the objective that you plan is achievable. It needs to be specific, measurable and achievable. Also, it needs to be relevant to your brand. Don't forget to set a deadline to achieve your aim. The deadline must be realistic otherwise, it will become very difficult to achieve the target.

One can set a target for every quarter and try to achieve it. It could be realistic, say 15% more leads than the last quarter. So the strategy you devise should work towards this goal and you should be able to measure the results.

Do your keyword research

Keyword research is crucial for your brand as your content must be optimised for search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is very important to increase the organic traffic to your website. Write content on topics that your audience would like to read. Use this information to search keywords using a keyword tool.

The tool can also help you in knowing what type of content is getting higher traffic. You can check the top ranking pages and seek inspiration for creating content for your audience.

Hire SEO services and their expert team can help you in keyword research.

Have Call to Action in your content

One needs to optimise the content to get more leads and conversions. Your content must contain a call to action. For video content, try to have a call to action on the thumbnail.

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The call to action in the content must be bold and eye catching so that it's visible to the reader. Talk straight to the reader. You can mention a tool in the content and offer it for free with a prominent download button. Keep the button in a vibrant colour so that more readers are attracted to click it.

Where to distribute the content?

Once your content is ready and you have added a call to action, you need to think about distributing it. You would want it to reach as many people as possible. A social media marketing agency can help you out with content distribution.

After publishing it on your website's blog section, they will share it on all of your social media handles, quora, Reddit and more such platforms. They will also send it as an emailer or newsletter to all your subscribers.

Hope after reading this article, you will be able to generate more leads for your business.

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