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5 Types of Shareable Content and Your Guide to Earning Links with Them

October 02, 2015

Gone are the days when a keyword rich content was supposed to get your business to the top of the SERPs and bring you the required traffic. Today, content marketers are looking for original piece of content that presents unique information for end users. You can no more earn clicks through the Google authorship snippets.



As such, the only alternative is creating content that visitors are voluntarily willing to share on their social networks and other platforms. The idea of modern content marketing should be to influence the audience with something unique and meaningful.


1. Reviews

online reviews

Reviews are typically applicable to the products that are sold through ecommerce websites. As such, buyers lay a great emphasis on reviews. They get to know what a real buyer has experienced from the product and whether the product would suit his/her requirements. Regardless of the product you are reviewing, make sure to reach out to the people who would be able to share it to a larger audience. If you are reviewing something that has lately attracted a lot of attention, it is likely to get more frequently shared.

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2. Infographics


It is probably the most sharable form of content. Infographics present information in a more interactive and intuitive way with the help of graphics, pictures and a good use of colours. Infographics allows the content developers to get highly creative. You can both be funny and serious while showcasing argument/statistics/information/tips in a way that everyone understands and is willing to share among his/her friends and acquaintances. Further, Infographics is something that cannot be easily developed. In case, you have a creative talent at your end, use it to the fullest.

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3. Videos


After Infographics, videos are more likely to get shared by the end users. Videos present content in the most engaging manner. It appeals to many, the viewers emotions, probably by bringing out a cause or just showing the advantages of a product. Video advertisements are more likable than textual alternatives. As such, they bring in a high potential for sharing and link generation.

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4. EBooks


EBooks allow content marketers to come up with a slightly lengthy product description/ introduction. When working with complicated products like automobiles, a new machine, etc, EBooks are better alternatives. Simply put, it can be regarded as the online form of brochures. EBooks as such are not published on websites but offered as PDF documents that can be downloaded or shared. Similar to other forms of content marketing, EBooks are offered for free to end users. Many businesses also go for HTML versions of EBooks that can be directly read from the website.

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5. Presentations


For those unfamiliar with it, Slideshare is a hosting platform that allows content marketers to upload keynotes, PDFs and other forms of documents, which are then easily shared among the visitors. Slide shows are inherently easier to understand than the continuous running content in the same format. As such, the same boring content put in a creative way on the slide shows can bring more shares and likes. Slideshows are also easier to browse and the hosting platform is like a social network, where people get connected to others with same tastes and requirements.

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Bringing attention to the content is always the basic idea behind content marketing but this can only be done if you have an impressive show to put up. Be original, be creative and you will get your fair share of likes!


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