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Your Content Marketing Strategy In Just 4 Steps

April 12, 2014

Are you scared of Penguin or Panda updates? Well you should not be if you are following a solid content marketing strategy. But how you will craft a content marketing strategy that will expand your reach and increase your customer base and at the same time will work as a shield for your website against Google updates? Here we are going to share the steps which you should follow to create content that will generate sales.

As we all know Google is giving priority to the sites which have quality content while heavily punishing the sites with thin content. It would not be wrong if we assume that œusable content is king. Hey thats right but then why you are adding that œusable with the popular (digital marketers are using it everywhere) phrase œcontent is king.

Well content was always content and content will always be content. However it never makes sense until you add proper sense to it with the help of techniques like curation, statistics and visuals. For example:

1. Set of steps you follow= instructional content

2. Product information= sales content

3. Likewise, content which users find useful= usable content

Now the question is how you will create this usable content? The answer truly rests in the niche you are dealing with.

Not only usable content will get you traffic and social shares but at the same time it has the power to turn your visitors into customers. Good content strategy can get sales over a long period of time.

For creating a rock solid content strategy, you have to follow some set of steps:

1. Keywords According To Your Niche


Have I said Niche? Yes. If you are dealing in baby products then is it wise to publish content about honeymoon ideas? Straight no from my side, the keyword you choose will determine how much traffic you can generate in short term and in long term. You can always research for genuine long tail keywords using Google keyword planner and can craft your content around it. But wait? Is this the only tool which is needed to get an idea about the keyword? No there are many.

The strategy which I generally follow is competitor analysis. You are new in the market; you dont know what keyword worked well for the websites you are competing with, in those cases do analyze your competitors. This way you can get access to different keywords but at the same time if you are wise enough you will find out the strategies they are implementing.

2. Content Schedule


Dont always post the content that revolves around the same thing. It is always advisable to work on content schedules and try to come up with new ideas which can create an interest in the readers, this way you can create a list of content which will go live on particular day. After your content is live, the main thing comes into action is promotion.

3. Writing


It is not always easy to find a content that can go viral and it is also not worthy to publish content which cant get social shares. You can use Buzzsumo to get the content ideas; this tool, after you search a keyword of your choice, will show you a list of contents that went viral as per that keyword. Not always textual content engages the visitors, try to use the visual content as well.

4. Promotion


So you have a content schedule, you have created content pieces and you have just published your first post. Thats really great but whats next? Content promotion, yes now its time to promote your content through social channels and start getting visitors.

Good content strategy is a key to getting good ranks and visitors. Today link earning is more necessary than link building and you can earn lots of links through social shares if visitors find your content useful.

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