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Why SEO and PPC Important for Small Businesses

April 17, 2021
What is SEO

If you are a small business and looking for ideas to grow online, you are at the perfect place. By incorporating the best digital marketing strategies in your business growth plan, you can generate more leads that will result in higher conversions. SEO and PPC marketing both are essential for your digital success.

Read on to know how these tools can help you boost your sales.

What is PPC

PPC or pay per click is a form of internet advertising where you pay only for the number of clicks your advertisement gets. Have you ever noticed the listings on Google search with the tag 'Ad'? You can see them at the top of the search results. This is what we are talking about. These are called the PPC Ads.

PPC is one of the most popular forms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You can run such advertisements on Google, Bing, Facebook and other such platforms. You just have to pay when someone clicks on your Ad. This form of marketing is much cheaper than the traditional forms.

If you want to run Ads for your business, you can hire a PPC management company like KOL. They have digital marketing experts to help you grow your business on the internet. They have experience running Google Ads in your budget.

PPC is done by bidding on various search keywords that are crucial to your business. High competition and high search volume keywords are costly. These keywords can target a larger audience.

Organically improving your website's ranking on SERP is time consuming and therefore many small business owners keep PPC marketing on top of their digital strategy. It helps in driving traffic toward your website in a much lesser time compared to organic tactics.

How PPC can help you grow your business

  • It is the fastest marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website and get conversions.
  • If you run PPC Ads, your website will appear on top of the search listings, (within top three or four). Your potential customers will be able to find it easily and are most likely to take an action.
  • Your Ads can be targeted to your potential customers and locations of your choice. Apart from that you can also target your Ads based on language, gender, age and type of device they are using.
  • You can run different ads depending on your budget.

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation is called SEO in short. When you search anything on Google, and press enter, you get numerous websites in return. You will see one website will be on top, then there will be second, then third and so forth.

Search engines give a ranking to each website depending on the keywords searched. This is called SERP rankings. You can up your website's ranking using technical, onsite and offsite SEO. KOL is a leading SEO company in the UK and you can connect with them and get a free quote.

How SEO can help you grow your business

  • Using SEO techniques, you can generate awareness about your brand.
  • It helps you earn the trust of your potential customers. As you rank higher in search results, your credibility will also increase.
  • SEO helps in achieving lasting results. Your consistent hard work and time used in search engine optimisation will help you improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.


Hope you will apply the above mentioned strategies in your digital marketing efforts and grow your brand and business.

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