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Next 3 Ecommerce Social Marketing Tips You Should Try

July 05, 2016

Social marketing is new and bubbling vista to be explored completely by the Ecommerce Businesses. For digital marketers, gaining brand awareness has become easier via the social media pages. With millions of users, the effectiveness of the media is definitely unquestionable.

There are three very new and useful Ecommerce Social Marketing tips which are worth trying to seek the maximum results and shine on the search engine top list.


1. Practice brand linkages with industry influencers




Whether a fashion brand or a high end service brand, customers positively react to brands which have linkages with the prime industry influencers.

Having an effective brand page on Facebook as a part of the Ecommerce Marketing Strategy is just not enough. 

Increasing the fan following requires higher involvement with the industry influencers, celebrities. There needs to be an active effort of getting in touch with influencers even though it might be a herculean task for many smaller brands.

Instead of getting bogged down by any failed attempts, one must not give up until some favourable acknowledgement or response is obtained from any of the industry experts.

This achievement of getting influencers associated with the brand can be a game changer in terms of dissipating brand awareness and popularity among the masses who will be more interested in knowing more about the brand by checking its website and later becoming the permanent customers of the brand.


2. Don't limit exposure to one social media channel


Social Media

With the popularity of the social media increasing, the numbers of social media channels also seem to have quadrupled. 

Hence, limiting the Ecommerce Marketing efforts to a single channel can be a bad idea from the point of view of business growth.

Nowadays, the channels like Instagram are giving an opportunity to get instant fame and popularity as the photos with the catchy captions capture attention immediately and the best ones go viral in no time.

Spreading the same brand message in all the channels is an outdated strategy with little impact. Higher interest can however be generated by spreading different messages for the same brand in different social media channels.

This can be a major shift from the regular content work usually performed during the SEO efforts, but are surely rewarding and worth trying.


3. Use engaging and simplifying social media tools for customer


Customer Retention

In order to get the winning edge, the businesses need to push their marketing efforts in a more personalised, bold manner.

Just inserting boring website links can dilate the attention levels of the social media users, however using punch lines, photographs, videos are few trends which are truly attention grabbing and easy to understand for the customers.

The usefulness of the information is also vital as the customers who land on the site using the social media details definitely seek to get the same info match on the brand website too.

Thus, removing any kind of hurdles for the customers and making things simpler and very lucid can bring one closer to the goal of marketing the products on the social media more effectively. 

Sometimes, a funny angle to the details portrayed on the social media can be refreshing as an idea. Customers respond to freshness and unique ideas rather than the same efforts year after year.


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