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How To Prepare Your Ecommerce Store For 2016?

March 17, 2016

Ecommerce stores in 2016 definitely have to have that special touch off the customary mediocrity. But this needs a watchful treatment of your ecommerce product and refurbishing an ecommerce store is no less than planning a new one. Pondering over the past actions and numbers and planning for future actions can be simpler using the following tips which are trending in 2016.


1. The Website Facelift

Website Facelift

Ecommerce store with static text, old and boring web page themes and meagerly treated automated responsive mechanisms definitely needs a facelift; otherwise all SEO strategies can be useless in 2016. Using 360 degree rotating images of the products with detailed product description and also inserting interesting and attention grabbing videos on the sites can be a big step in the direction of preparing a super hit, higher traffic fetching site. Also, enough steps towards SEO marketing by way of back linking can be like a feather on the hat.


2. Learning From Past Mistakes


The past figures will definitely give a broader framework for future business planning.  The products which have fared well and the ones which have given a pessimistic graph in demand needs to be judged out from the profit figures. The products which have a winning potential definitely needs to be the highlighting seo focused elements in 2016.


3. Choosing Newer Sustainable Platforms


The platforms used for marketing the products can be one of the reasons for the lower seo success in previous years. Hence, finding newer and sustainable platforms relevant to the product by means of comparative analysis can help. Perhaps, the platforms like Shopify which supports building own domain names and building of best customer focused sites can be just right for you in 2016.


4. Coming Up With New Offers And Business Strategies

Business Strategy

A certain time of the year is chosen by mostly all the competitors to release newer offers and discounts as a stock clearance sale. Hence, the customer's needs to be targeted with the rightly churned out appealing offers which needs to be released on the ecommerce store to augment the demand scenario in a small period of time. Make sure the inventory required is stocked up before hand to meet the demands on time is necessary.


5. Making Sure All The Payment Gateways Are Supported On The Site

Payment Gateway

The payment gateways are an integral facet to complete a transaction after integrating the best shopping cart facilities. The hindrances created in an enjoyable shopping experience can be erased by your own secured mechanisms on the store instead of sourcing the payment service. The system must facilitate with all payments gateways which even work on mobile applications.


6. Promoting The Hot Selling Products Through Mobile Applications

Apps - Tile Icons on Smart Phone

The multichannel ecommerce is catching a trend to sell off the merchandise to a number of target audiences across the different channels. The products which sold like hot cakes in the previous year can get a bigger audience and attain a wider scope with mobile intervention. The mobile applications are imperative need for an all-inclusive and progressive business success in 2016.


7. Being Congruent With Social Media


The more the visibility in social media, the more is the possibility of gaining traffic and the higher the chances to cater to the customer's needs. Social media is an integrated tool for marketing and advertising the ecommerce store for sustainable business maintenance in the long run.


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