Bullion Store

Our SEO services increased the visibility of the Bullion store website on the World Wide Web with the great volume of targeted traffic to their store. We created a lot of unique and quality content for the site that benefited to the visitors. With enhanced visibility and higher search engine rankings, bullion store reach out to wider and augmented number of potential clients. Bullion Store is a popular company in UK dealing in sales and purchases of silver and Gold bullion, Gold and silver coins, Gold and silver bars. They sell and buy gold at the best rates in the market and also specialize in buying unwanted Jewellery, Sell scrap gold, Buy gold coins, Sell gold bullion, Buy scrap gold, used and broken gold jewellery. They provide a great platform to undertake the activities of buying and selling precious bullion. You can sell or purchase your bullion in cheaper, safer and easier way at the best possible service.


Multi Channel Ecommerce

The consumers now are increasingly using multiple channels when browsing, researching & purchasing an array of products & services.

The products are now being increasingly sold through various channels like shopping websites,ebay, amazon, retail stores etc. Selling & managing your products through various channels and giving great shopping experience to your clients is paramount for any online business to succeed.

Multi channel commerce is the key to business survival.

KOL Limited offers all capabilities to support powerful multi channel commerce. KOL Limited integrates all different channels in an effective manner through which the customer sells the products to buyers.

In the center of the Multi channel ecommerce solution will be KOL Limiteds turnkey website/software called Syncline which is a common single interface through which websites, ebay stores and amazon store can be managed easily.

Products are uploaded centrally on Syncline and due to API integrations & connectivity are displayed at once across different shopping channels. Also, once the product/s are purchased, automatic synchronization happens and proper stock levels are maintained centrally.

KOL Limited also has capabilities to connect your sales system with the accounting or ERP software of your choice like sage 50, quick books etc.

KOL Limiteds multichannel ecommerce system, known as syncline helps in improving order processing & inventory management across various integrated retail channels thereby increasing the turnover and profit of the business.


Pci Compliancy

We develop 100 % secure websites that can be PCI compliant. If you choose KOL Limited as your website development company, we will ensure that your website meets all the PCI compliancy standards.

Why is it important to be PCI compliant?

It is important to have a website that is secure and not be affected by fraud. With the rise of stolen credit cards and fraud, consumers are more aware of the common practise of fraud and are careful when purchasing online. With our help we can get your website PCI compliant, allowing you to not worry about being affected by fraud and losing consumers.
The infrastructure of the solutions we develop, meet the highest standard for being PCI compliant. We fully understand the importance of secure payment and data taken over the internet. We provide outstanding service making sure the highest online security measures are being met, for not only the client but also the consumer.

PCI Data Security Standard ensures the highest security practises are met. Being PCI compliant allows customers to feel safe and protected when purchasing online and providing their data. With the trust of your customers, they will be confident to do business again with you. This will help you with customer loyalty and improve the reputation for your business.


Payment Gateway

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A payment gateway is a channel for transaction that facilitates transfer of payment between a payment portal and the front end processor or acquiring bank. It is the most important feature of any Ecommerce website to run an online store smoothly.<br><br>
At KOL we understand the importance of this feature and our experts work keenly to integrate the best possible payment gateway method for your website. We can integrate both types of gateway processes for your website according to your requirement. The two most common type of gateway integration for an Ecommerce website are CPI integration and API integration. In our custom designed Ecommerce system we integrate payment gateway according to your requirements and this involves a deep interaction of our experts with you.
Some common and widely used third party payment gateways that we integrate in the Ecommerce websites that we develop are stated as below.<br>
-    Paypal<br>
-    RBS World Pay<br>
-    Sage Pay<br>
-    EPDQ Barclays<br>
-    Paypoint<br>
-    Cardsaveonline<br><br>
KOL Limited has got expertise in building an Ecommerce website for your business which is intended to boost up your online business to drive more traffic and mode of payment is a key factor in building such a website. We provide your business website the most secured and simple payment gateway integration which is flexible for both business owners and customers to process.



B2C Ecommerce Solutions

Our B2C Ecommerce websites are based on a framework that focuses on marketing of brand and best ecommerce features, management and administration. For high performance ecommerce solutions, please get in touch with us.

Our skilled and experienced team of designers and developers are capable of generating a cost effective B2C Ecommerce platform for your business which involves end-to-end solution flexible for both customers and the business rules and drives more business. You will have full control over product content, product management, inventory, order fulfillment, shipping and sales information with our Ecommerce system and in all you can control your Ecommerce website very easily without any complications.

Benefits of our custom designed B2C Ecommerce system:

- Gain full control over your stock and inventory with our bespoke Ecommerce panel and manage your products quickly with easy to use system.

- With an ease to add or update content on the pages of your Ecommerce website, KOL will give you a great utility to manage the content of your choice on your product pages.

- It will be very easy for you to manage and analyze the sales of your products and accounting process will be as easy as everything is on your fingertips.

- Order management is easy to handle with this system and you can search orders by customer name, company name, state, date, order ID, order status, and much more.

- Security is the most important factor in an ideal Ecommerce system and at KOL we provide the most secured and encrypted format of your Ecommerce platform with our advanced security techniques and methods.

- You can easily manage users that are registered with your Ecommerce website so that you can maintain a well managed list of important customers and analyze their interaction with your business.

At KOL we concentrate on your core off-line business as we intend to fully grasp how your customers currently make buying decisions as our aim is to help you make that business profitable for you.  We develop  powerful user friendly Ecommerce websites for your business.


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