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UI Web Design Tips for Your eCommerce Business

March 01, 2024
UI Web Design Tips for Your eCommerce Business

The eCommerce industry is booming day by day as the number of internet users is growing. Are you planning to get an ecommerce website designed for your business by a web development company? Before you hire a web design company, it is important to understand the basics of UI web design and know some tips to improve the design of your ecommerce business website.

UI Website Design Tips For An eCommerce Store

We are mentioning a few user interface (UI) design tips for your ecommerce website that your web design company can follow:

Messaging Should Be Clear

When it comes to the ecommerce web design, your message should be clear. Your design team needs to ensure that users do not get confused. Never use any icon or symbol that is difficult to understand. It is better to use recognised icons and do not forget to label them to avoid any confusion.

Visual Hierarchy is important

You need to make sure that all the important text must appear above the fold, more so on mobile devices. Taking care of visual hierarchy in a custom web design is important even if you might have to reduce the white space to get all the important content above the fold. Unimportant things can go below the fold.

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Avoid distracting pop-ups

Most of the website visitors get irritated when they see a pop up window. A pop up is distracting and most of the users dismiss the window. Even if the pop up shows any important information, a user might close the window intuitively without even reading what it was all about.

Don't Complicate the Design

Try not to over design the page as making the design complicated will annoy the users. Avoid using different font sizes, do not go overboard with colours and formats. Visually complex design, including text and graphics, can overwhelm the visitors. Keep the text colour and the background in contrast to each other. This will let the users read and understand the text clearly. Do not make your site appear like an advertisement.     

Elements for Effortless Navigation

Let's know the elements that can help make the navigation of your ecommerce website smooth and effortless:
Include the search bar

Including a search bar on your ecommerce website is very useful. It helps buyers to easily search for the product they are looking for. In a way, it is useful in increasing the chances of purchase.

Display all categories clearly

All the categories of your products must be displayed clearly at the top navigation level. It will make browsing the products easy for the buyers. You need to ensure that the items you sell are placed in proper categories.

Speedy Product Views

You must have speedy product views so that buyers can get a view of the products quickly. This will decrease the wastage of buyers' time in loading the product pages that might not be relevant to them.

Display offers in a prominent place

If you display any special offer in a prominent place, it will attract buyers. Good deals can improve  sales. 'Sale, 'discount', or 'offer' are the words that can have a psychological impact on the customers. You can expect higher conversions.

Include Filters

You must include filters on your website. Filters help shoppers easily narrow down their search. They can effortlessly select the products of their choice by easily using the filter option. Filters are great for enhancing the user experience on your site.   

All the above mentioned custom ecommerce web design tips will come in handy when getting your website designed by your web development company.

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