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Rethink Your Facebook Strategy

July 15, 2014

You often hear the buzz about different social media platforms bringing the sales to your competitors business and you curse either your PR agency or yourself for not enjoying the same perks. Even at KOL Limited we often meet people who are not able to handle their social media perfectly and look for our help.

Therefore we finally decided to come up with some of the golden tips in order to boost your business through social media as never before.

One of the common errors with most of social media accounts is the lack of the strategy and vision. You cannot achieve a million things instantly and become a billionaire over night. It is always good to start slow and pick up the pace gradually. Check out our latest content to improve your ROI from Facebook.

Decide What You Want?-

When it comes to Facebook you have a number of options to increase your online presence and ultimately increase your sales. However each of these options has a different goal and you have to carefully decide upon the feature you would like to use. Before you even plan for launching a full fledged campaign answers these questions.

1. What do you want from Facebook? 2. Do you want to increase the Facebook Likes? 3. Do you want more followers? 4. Do you want increased fan engagement? 5. Or you simply want to increase the visits?

You may find the above mentioned questions very similar however each of these has a different objective. For instance if you plan to increase the number of likes, in that case you cannot expect an overall hike in sales as there can  be likes which are coming indirectly to your posts from the users who are not directly related to you or your organization. 

The same goes with running banner ads, generally these ads may add up to your revenue but then again you cannot expect to increase your fan base directly through it. In order to help you more Facebook also provides the guidelines to guide you in the right direction.

What If You Are A New Comer to Facebook “ 

Lets say this is your first time on Facebook, you have a financially strong budget for your Facebook campaign but you still do not know to how best invest your money for making sales through Facebook. The best recommendation here which we would like to give is that try first to create a compelling page on your Facebook. Once you have created a page let your friends know about it. Ask them to like your page. Do it for a month and be honest to your work, no indulgence in any kind of fake publicity. Once you start earning likes go for a campaign for increasing likes through paid facility of your Facebook. This will help you increase your popularity on Facebook. And gradually as your likes will attain a good rhythm start planning a marketing strategy for some real business through your Facebook account. 

Start Using Offers and Apps on Facebook “

One of the popular features of Facebook are the Facebook offers which help the business owners to give discounts to their customers through Facebook. It not only helps in increasing the popularity of the brand but at the same time you are increasing the engagement of the customers on your Facebook which is poised to bring more business in the long run. Some of the other benefits of Facebook offers are that it helps you get important information necessary for starting other marketing campaigns. For example you can easily start a Facebook offer and start awarding your customers and in return you can fetch their emails which can further help you to start a email campaign specifically focused on making more sales.  

Apps Popularity is A Game Changer “ 

So you have an app with a great potential for marketing and you are not sure about its marketing, so how should you proceed with this?  One of the best options to go about it is to use the Facebook. With more than 60% of the users accessing the Facebook through mobile it is one of the best platforms to promote your app and build a strong marketing for it.

Call to Action Plays an Important Role “ 

Call to action plays an important role in increasing the activity on your Facebook, therefore make sure that you have taken good care of all the call to action mediums on your page. 

Facebook Ads Plays an Important Role in Promoting Your Business - 

One of the most popular features which plays an important role in marketing and advertisingare the Facebook Ads. Therefore if you have proper budget and you want to amplify the efforts of your marketing you can always go with the Facebook ads.

Killer Headlines For Your Facebook Ads “ 

Creating a catchy headline for your campaigns is important to influence your customers and increase the CTR. Therefore do make sure that you do an extensive research and create some of the best killer headlines. 

These were some of the general techniques which can help you a lot in improving your marketing and earning better returns from Facebook. Apart from this always keep in mind that whenever we start a paid campaign initially it is always good to start slow and gradually increase your budget, the reason being it is always good to check for the response which you are getting from your potential clients and accordingly make your strategy, after all we know that the better our ROI is the better will be our business going forward.

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