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Redefine Your Digital Marketing Strategy

May 17, 2014

With the growing use of multimedia devices, more and more people are exploring the potentials of digital marketing. As a result online stores today have more users then before checking for their products and fueling the competition among the online store owners.

In the world of marketing there is just one rule for success which is œoverpower your competitors to make sure that you are better than your competitors. This is where people stumble upon. As they are not able to decide how to define their KPIs and even if they have defined their KPIs, they have no idea of how they can be optimized for getting better results than before.

So here in this post, we will be helping you to find out your most important KPIs, to work upon them, to optimize them so that you can improve and increase your ROI.

Today it would be wrong if we use marketing as our term into defining our goals. The concept of marketing has changed a lot since the advent of internet and multimedia devices and today it has been replaced by a new concept known as digital marketing.

And in order to achieve maximum profit you have to make sure that you have a razor sharp strategy.

Website Design

One of the most important factors for increasing you sales and ultimately your profit is to have an attractive website design.

The looks always matter. Therefore make sure that you have a website which can easily attract customers. Factors like U.I, initial design analysis and proper implementation of wireframes makes sure that you have a proper design for your website. In one of the surveys conducted last year it was found out that once a customer lands on you website the next two seconds are very crucial. Its more like do or die. The reason being after questioning the different customers it was found out that 95-98% of the times a customer leaves your site within seconds if you cannot give them a clear picture of your business through your website design. In fact 75% of the customers decide the credibility of your business on the basis of your website design. So gear up and check your website design. May be this is the reason you do not have enough sales for your website.


Due to the advancements being made in technology, today multimedia devices are not confined to the pockets of nobility; these devices are affordable, easily available and come with amazing functionalities. As a result people use them for all types of their needs. And shopping is one of the major activities done on these multimedia sets. Today 60% of the online traffic consists of people using these hand held multimedia sets.

Therefore sites which are not mobile optimized are the ones who face maximum loss. Even big brand at times feels the heat if its website is not optimized for the mobiles. Therefore it is mandatory that the website is optimized for the all the key devices contributing to the traffic in order to increase your ROI.

Application Development“

The future of digital marketing is going to be dominated by the use of applications. Apps are more like your virtual identity in the digital world. It enables you to get connected to your customers directly and interact with them. Therefore for building an authoritative existence on internet it is important that you have your apps present in the market. The second thing to be considered while launching your apps is that 40% of the launched apps fail to meet the goals due to the fact that they are not compatible with all the platforms. Therefore make sure that you have an app which is compatible with all the major platforms.

Search Engine Marketing“

Although a lot has been rumored about the credibility of the search engine marketing but still if its used in the proper way, it can prove to be one of the biggest contributors for the revenue of your business. In a recent survey it was found out that organic search generates 15% more leads as compared to the direct sales which contributes as low as 2 % of the leads. Therefore even if you have a handsome budget allocated for the paid media, make sure that you have a successful campaign ready for exploring all the opportunities in organic search.

Social Media“

In todays time if you want to make a brand for your product and you do not have a presence on social platform then it may take ages for your product to be recognized by your potential customers.

Creating a strong social background is important for your business to grow. 76% of the business owners say that social media is an important part of their marketing strategy. Marketers who have a robust social media strategy integrated to their core marketing strategy have an improvement of as high as 130% in their revenue. Therefore it is very important that you have a proper social media strategy in place to market your products.

The Magic of Paid Media“

Although paid media sources like ppc campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing are costly to spend upon but lately they have become a major factor for increasing the sales for your business. Not only they help in increasing the sales but at the same time they help in boosting the traffic for your website. Therefore it is important to focus on these mediums as well. In fact paid media, if handled properly with a well formulated strategy, can help you to double your revenue in no time.

These are some of the bullet point which every business owner who is planning to enter to the world of digital marketing must follow. A proper implementation of these strategies will make sure that you earn profit right from the day you start your campaign.

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