The Old Age Of Exact Match Queries And The Advent Of Hummingbird

We often spend a precious amount of our time Googling for something or getting virtually social on Facebook. However no matter if it’s Google, Facebook or any other similar platform, have you ever wondered about how they work once you have entered a word (query) in the search box. More often we are in a process of searching something and use a different set of words for the same. It is these words or phrases which commands your search engine to indicate what you want from them.
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5 killer SEO Practices You Should Start Following Right Now

SEO is changing rapidly and today its more dynamic than it used to be a decade before. The strategies, tips and tricks which we used to apply in past for getting good visibility and ranks will not work in coming years. Therefore this infographic brought to you by KOL Limited revolves around the 5 best and innovative SEO practices which can prove as a savior in this competitive internet age.Read More

How to Build Your Personal Brand in 2014? Read Here

Today we are living in an era of GenX. Gone are the days when things used to happen in days or months. Today seconds dominate the executions. Bewildered!  So am I. Imagine you want a pizza and here you are pizza delivered to you in jiffy. Things have changed a lot over the last few decades and the best part is we are still at the juncture of metamorphosis. At times I see these changes as if we are travelling in a black hole, experiencing new things every second and some day may be we will get out of it and enter into an entirely new world.
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Effective Content Curation Tips

Recently I was travelling to L.A and came across this gentleman. We had coffee together and then just out of curiosity I enquired about his profession. “Hey what do you do for living?” He raised his grey brows and replied in a hush hush voice. I was just able to make out something similar to content curator.Read More


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