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Your M-Commerce Strategy Simplified

October 03, 2015

Mobile commerce is booming. In the recent years lots of big names in the industry have launched their mobile apps and literally cracked this m-commerce success code. For SMBs, there is still a long way to go. Todays article will focus on m-commerce tips, lets try to crack the success code:

1. Make The Pages Of The Website Accessible To Mobile Searches “

accessible-1It is important that the pages of your ecommerce store are accessible from the mobile devices. More often than not pages are not accessible from the mobile devices and even if they are, the page does not load properly on the mobile. As a result the visitors are not able to perform their desired transactions on the website.

2. Keep It Simple -

keep it simple-2Once you have decided to make your site mobile friendly, make sure the site remains simple and easy to navigate. Remove all the unwanted sections from the website. And make sure that the call to action buttons are prominent and easily accessible.

3. Consider Going Native “

native-3Developing a native app can help a lot in making the app popular among the users. One of the major factors for this is that native devices are much faster and quite easily accessible. As native apps are device specific you can offer lots of features and take the advantage of the available options on a specific mobile platform.

4. Increase Security “

security-icon-4One of the main reasons for few m-commerce websites being more popular than the other ones is the fact that they are more secure than the others. Security plays a very important role in the m-commerce transactions and it is very important that you provide the proper protection to your customers transactions.

5. Improve Your Marketing Interactions “

marketing interaction-5The most important point in m-commerce is that always consider m-commerce a part of marketing and not an autonomous aspect of marketing. Invest in it but at the same time make sure that you are also exploring other channels like affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and many more.

6. Partner With Experienced Mobile Developers And Consultants “

partner-6It is always good to get connected to the experienced players including the developers and consultants of the industry. The reason being using their experience will further help you to achieve your goals. Also you will better understand m-commerce.  

7. Encourage Social Interactions “

social-media-signs-7Social media is one of the most popular channels these days for marketing. Therefore its potential should be properly utilised.

8. Use Analytics For Tracking “

analytics-8Measuring the accountability of the investment in different campaigns is important in order to determine the ROI. And when we are talking of measuring the ROIs, Analytics can be of great help. Making the proper use of the Analytics can help us to better understand our customers, user behavior and factors which can be further improved.

9. Be Careful With Selecting Mobile Platforms “

mobile_platforms9While selecting the platform for your website in order to make it mobile friendly make sure that the platform provides proper flexibility in customising the platform depending upon the requirements of the ecommerce.

10. Foreground Local Information If Applicable “

Information_Sign-2010It is not possible for every m-commerce store to have a physical presence. However if you do have the physical presence make sure that you have some basic information properly mentioned on your m-commerce portal.

11. Follow Googles Guidelines “

referral-guidelines-2011No matter how well you are customising your site in order to make it mobile friendly make sure you follow the guidelines as prescribed by the major search engines. Not following the guidelines can lead you to penalties.

12. Make Price Comparison And Buying Easy On Mobile Devices “

prices-12Make sure you have ample options for price comparison and buying options for your mobile users on your website. These options play a very important role in improving the interaction on your site.

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