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Your Guide to Effective Link Building

October 07, 2015

The idea with backlinks is having links placed across several websites and platforms that guide the user to your website. Backlinking has long been a crucial technique in search engine optimisation. However, extra caution must be taken as search engines like Google have begun tracking Spammy backlinking tactics.

Backlinking might sound an easy way to get your website optimised but in reality, getting quality backlinks requires a lot of research, hard work and quality.

Link Building

Today, backlinking is more about creating relationships, building a PR and showcasing your brand rather than spamming other platforms. Below are some backlinking methods worth trying.


Competitor Analysis

The best way to track effective platforms to create backlinks is competitor analysis. Growing brands should try to identify where their competing sellers are getting their backlinks from. Not only will they become a recommended platform to start with but also a way to stand above competition.

Competitor AnalysisWhen competing for the online marketplace, you can easily check which brands are ranking the highest in Google. The backlinks might be coming from third-party blogs, social platforms, supporting websites and other sources. Try to win over the same market by creating your own quality backlinks.


Authoritative Platforms

Successful backlinks always come from authoritative websites and forums relating to the industry. You must make your presence felt in online communities that engage the maximum amount of user base. For IT companies, LinkedIn would be among the best options. For a gadget manufacturing company on the other hand, a reputed review website like Engadget would be helpful.

LinkedInAlways keep in mind that you arent required to randomly stick links in every site and blog post but rather use the backlink strategically to add value to quality postings. Random backlinks not only fail to impress end users but also allow Google to mark your content as Spammy.


Content Earning Links

Another strategy to integrate quality backlinking is creating content that naturally boosts the client websites. If you remember games like Pacman, you must have also noticed how it helped the search engine inherit links and earn a quality PR. Even The Telegraph team is recognised for their fun games as a means to attract readers and promote the brand.


The idea is to be able to create something unique like flagship content, data driven content, gadgets and work on trending topics. Dynamic content gives users extra reasons to follow backlinks.


A Random Act of Kindness

If you can choose to and have the time to point out broken links, typos, misquotes or something else to improve blog posts, karma pays back in the end.

RelationshipThough placing your backlinks in the suggestions is considered Spammy, individuals and businesses who are benefitted in the process always find a way to say œthanks. This would also be a great way to build relationships and relationships in turn widen your user base.

Link building still remains important in building SEO, though the modalities have changed. Look to present quality in the content and not just keywords that are hyperlinked to your website. A good PR is the best way to promote your online business in 2015.

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