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Why You Need a Responsive Web Design?

September 09, 2019

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design responds to the different devices that the netizens use these days apart from PC like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, Kindles, netbooks, iPads & the likes and provides a positive browsing and viewing speed. The site changes in terms of resolution and size depending on the device that you use. Like if you are using a cell phone, the images and content gets resized to fit your mobile’s screen.
Even Google now gives more preference to mobile friendly sites in its search results algorithm which further emphasise on the responsive website design use. Earlier there used to separate websites for PC & mobile. Though this was not an appropriate approach as it led to higher maintenance costs as well as handling different websites and handling SEO for each of them was also difficult.
Following are the three primary principles that responsive web design works on:

  1. Flexible Grid – In this technique “relative sizing” is used in order to resize the images and content to fit any screen. Instead on pixels percentages and CSS is used for images.
  2. Media Queries – Media queries allows website to detect your device & fit the page according to the screen size. The page automatically adjusts when the size of screen expands or changes.
  3. Flexible Media – This technique uses CSS overflow or scaling to load images differently as per the size of screen.

This type of web design prevents pixilation or blurring of images, content scattering over the page, & the undesired efforts of having to scroll around the screen for viewing or reading the site.

How to create a responsive website and why you need it?
Hire for a good web design agency or look for testing tools online to test the responsiveness of your site. With these tools you can check all the requirements and features regarding the responsiveness of your site.

In nutshell a responsive web design is extremely important for increasing your customer base online as well it is the need of the hour to keep ahead in the game.

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