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Website Development Process: Complete Guide

March 27, 2020
Website Development Process: Complete Guide

The process of web development might seem bemusing to most of you but it is equally essential to be aware of. So if you are planning to hire a web development company to develop one, you must have an idea on how your project will be built. In this blog, we will take a look at how web designing and general development process looks like.

Understanding the Needs of Clients

The first and the most crucial step is understanding the needs of clients. Understanding and identifying what exactly they want helps in providing the best solution they want. With clients having some technical background it gets a lot easier to understand their needs and technicality they desire in their projects. And when the clients are completely unknown to the programming and web world, we ask questions and further clarification to serve them better.

Thorough Research

Each website is different from the other. So at this stage we research and gather as much information as possible for the respective project. An Ecommerce website selling women's clothing is different from an online grocery store. Hence a thorough research and analysis about the business, competitors, target audience, the project's motto, etc. provide knowledge required to build a perfect website.


A perfect plan backed by thorough research & analysis is a map towards the destination. At this step, we define sprints, deliverables and Gantt charts with estimated timeline & resources to achieve it. Various other major decisions like wireframing, layout planning, UI/UX, preparing the sitemap, choosing the right technology stack, etc. are also made at this step.


Once we have the sitemap and wireframes, it's now the time to design each page of the website. At this step designers give life to the approved wireframes with custom logo, graphics, colours, animations, typography, drop-down menus, buttons and more based on the requirements of the project. Hence your website gets a tangible identity.


This is the stage where designs approved by the client transformed into a working model. The process of development can bifurcated into two parts i.e. backend and frontend.
Where backend means the development of the server site that is the soul of frontend and creates and makes the user interface into a working website. The backend developers create the database, server-side application, integrates business logic and everything that works under the hood.

Testing & Deployment

Before deploying the website to the server, it undergoes several meticulous tests to make sure that there are no issues or bugs. Several tests such as usability, functionality, performance, compatibility, etc. that ensures that the website is ready to launch are performed by the quality team.Once the quality team gives green flag to the website, it is deployed to the server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Post Deployment & Maintenance

There are a lot of post deployment tasks that are done by us such as providing project documents and source code to the clients, working on their feedbacks, providing post deployment support and maintenance. This part is equally important because the real purpose of the website starts once it is live. Further changes, maintenance and support as well as new updates are equally important.
Now you know what development process is. So whether you are looking for a great company to create responsive website design for you or you are an established business, get in touch with us.

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