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5 Simple Ways to Use SEO and Paid Search Together

January 27, 2017

Attracting more and more visitors to a website is the main concern for any business. There are two ways of doing the same frankly. One is search engine optimization (SEO) and the other is paid search or PPC. While SEO is extremely low costing, the results also take considerable time to come with this technique. It takes quite some time for the results to affect organic rankings.

On the other hand, paid search is an expensive process, but yields quick results. Till a time, both these processes were managed separately, but with changing search engine algorithms; they have been brought together for better website rankings.




Mentioned below are 5 ways in which PPC and SEO can be used together for better search results:


1. Leverage the benefits from compelling copy

In PPC, you need best performing ads in terms of conversion rate and click through rates. These crisp headlines used in the ads can be easily used in title tags and meta-descriptions, while creating content.

For additional reference, many companies offering SEO services try taking copies from top resulting organic pages and see how they can be used with paid ads in the best manner.


2. Keyword expansion/research

For checking the keywords that are driving more visitors to the site, check out Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. If the keywords are not present in the PPC campaign, add them and see the results.

Using AdWords tool is recommended in this regard as it helps in determining whether the traffic volume obtained is worth the costing. Understand which are the highest converting paid keywords and the quality ones. It is good if you start creating content based on those keywords for increasing rankings in SERPs.


3. Work on innovative and unique content ideas

In SEO, content is regarded as king. But before initiating to develop content around a keyword, topic or theme, try testing the same with PPC initially. If the chances of conversion are good in paid searches, it has great scopes of working for SEO as well.

If noteworthy results are not seen in PPC, there is no point in investing much time and effort behind the content. Since PPC gives immediate results, testing with this tool is always recommended.


4. Combination of organic links & paid links makes fruitful clicks

Study reports have shown that users are more likely to click on the paid link when they see the listed organic link. The vice versa theory is also applicable in this regard. For some people, it might seem to be counter-intuitive, but it is true that without top results in organic rankings, PPC will not show great results.

Remaining in the first page of search engine rankings is important, and higher the ranking better it is for the future of the website. So combination of paid links and organic links is what really matters for getting the clicks in the way you want.


5. Helps in identifying competitors successfully

PPC reports can help in identifying new competitors, about whom you might never have thought. There are separate reports for keywords too made by a PPC agency and it is possible to note as how the competitors use the same for gaining better visibility in search engine rankings.

With these simple steps, improve the SEO efforts and PPC investments and get best results for the website. 


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