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Understanding The World Of Web Development

July 01, 2024
Understanding The World Of Web Development

Many businesses have understood the importance of digital transformation. The creation of a business website is the first step towards this transformation. And this is where web development comes into the picture. Whether you have an ecommerce or service based business, you need to hire a website development company to create a high performing site for you.
Defining Website Development
Website development can be understood, in simple terms, as the creation of websites by writing codes or software programs which run on a browser. A website development company will employ web developers responsible for the web development and is coordinated by a web designer.
A web design company in the UK like us, KOL Limited can be hired to develop a website for your business. We also offer SEO and digital marketing services.
What are the stages of web development?
Here we are mentioning various stages of the web development process:
Knowing The Niche & Needs
First of all, an ecommerce web design company will discuss with you your business niche. They will try to understand your requirements and accordingly decide the features to be built.
The next stage is wireframing. The company providing ecommerce solutions to you will ensure to offer a great user experience to your users.
This is the stage when web developers will write code for the website. They will include various functionalities as per the latest ecommerce web design trends.
Testing the website
The company providing ecommerce solutions to you will ensure to test the website before making it live. This way, they will test how it is performing and can find out issues and fix them.
Final Launching
The last stage is the launching of the website. After the launch, your website will start receiving the traffic. As per the feedback provided by your customers, your site can be updated.
What are the types of web development?
Web development is normally categorised into three types – frontend, backend and full stack development.
Frontend Development
The website that users see, also known as the user interface (UI), requires a code written by a developer. This is known as the frontend development. It involves the part where users interact with your website.
Users can effortlessly sign up or log in because of the frontend code written by frontend developers. The code sends a request to the backend to provide the information. The data is retrieved from the backend and is displayed on the user interface (UI). When users click on the login button, they can easily access your website and see their dashboard.
The software languages, technology and tools used for the frontend development include HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks like React for writing programs.
Backend Development
The backend development involves the software part which is not visible to users. The code for this is written by a backend web developer. This code decides how the data or information flows between the backend and frontend. When a user clicks on the log in button, the frontend fetches the information stored at the backend.
Backend developers have to work with JavaScript backend framework technologies such as Node.js. They also work with databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
Full Stack Development
Full stack development involves the frontend and backend both. A full stack developer can write code for both and can create an application from end to end. They can develop the UI and write the code for the information flow to users from the backend. And include functionalities on the website such as payment integrations. They use tools and software languages such as HTML, CSS and backend and frontend JavaScript frameworks.
Hope now you understand how we, an ecommerce web design company, can help you in developing a high converting website for your business.

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