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Top 7 Reasons Why Having Responsive Website Is Necessary

October 16, 2015

Ecommerce has really turned into a competitive industry with huge opportunities for growth. Online businesses are looking for the ways to stand out amongst the rest. Website design trends have evolved a lot in the recent years. Apart from an eye-catching design, speed, device compatibility, navigation and user experience are some of the main elements of a successful website.

 Its certainly no surprise by now that mobile commerce has been skyrocketing over the last few years. 

Responsive Design


Difference between Responsive and Mobile design

Responsive design requires you to only have one website which will show up well on all the devices. These websites are coded in a way that they are able to adapt to any screen size.

Whereas if you are using a mobile template, you need two different versions of the same website or a separate subdomain for mobile for example: http://m.yourwebsite.com.


Reasons to Have a Responsive Website

With a responsive website, webpages adjust flawlessly to the dimensions of the screen of any device. No need to create multiple versions of the website. Here are the 7 reasons to have a responsive website:

1. To Attract More Customers

Over 41% of the shoppers browse on the smartphones. The majority of online shoppers use mobile devices to search for the products and services. That means without a responsive website you cant target the users who actively use mobile devices. Customers will not waste their time browsing a website which doesnt fit well on the screen of their devices. With a responsive website you can increase your customer base and sales.

Attract Customers

2. Search Engines Prefer Responsive Website

Although there are lots of different factors which affect the website position on SERP, but we do know that responsive design is one of the important factors which cannot be ignored. Search engines reward the sites which provide mobile friendly experience.  

Search engine preference

3. No Need to Spend Money on Marketing Mobile Version of Website

Creating two versions of the same website means you need to create a different marketing strategy for mobile specific version. There is no need to spend extra money for marketing the mobile version if you have a responsive website.

No money needed

4. Avoid the Risk of Publishing Duplicate Content

Having two versions of the website means you need to spend extra bucks on maintenance. And both the versions will have same content, which is not a good thing as per the search engine guidelines. Your site can be panelized for duplicate content.

duplicate content

5. Responsive Adapts To Future Devices

One of the biggest advantages of having a responsive website is that you dont need to customize it further for future devices. Responsive website can adapt any screen size easily.

responsive website

6. Improved User Experience

If you want the finest user experience for your visitors, you cant trust on anything else than a responsive website. Great user experience is the key to improved conversions.

user experience

7. Improved SEO and Search Engine Marketing

If your site is responsive, it will use a single URL structure. This means users can easily share and link to your content. There is no need for redirection to and from the different versions of website. Increased website speed, easy to share links and best user experience are some of the major factors which indicate that the site has been well optimized for search engines.


Having a responsive website is now a necessity and it really impacts the growth of your business.

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