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Top 5 Tips to Increase Holiday Conversions

March 12, 2016

Shopping trends have changed drastically over the past few years and more and more numbers of people are looking to shop online than hopping from one store to another. With abundant choices right in front of your eyes, customers can check out different kinds of products at the same place while shopping online.

The holiday season is approaching and shopping is going to increase both online and offline. The main target of the e-commerce sites now is to take the shoppers as close as possible to the shopping carts and complete the transaction successfully.


Holiday Sales and Conversions

In the holiday season, conversions increase as the e-commerce industry remains at its peak.


Top 5 highly effective tips which can help in increasing holiday conversions:

Keep the customer registration process simple


Customer Registration

Many e-commerce portals have elaborate registration process for the customer. During the holiday season, when everyone is in hurry of buying their favorite things, such long process might make the customer leave the portal.

With a simple customer registration process, they can sign in, sign out or even purchase goods quickly. Infact many Ecommerce solutions do not require registering for shopping at all.

Rushes at such places are obviously high.

Forced registration can be a step that the customer might not take very well.


Display of payment gateways and popular gifts recommendations



Though online shopping has become quite popular day, many people are still hesitant in using this medium for purchasing things.

As an e-commerce site, you should be able to encourage the customer to make purchases by guiding them through the process and instill confidence.

Display the different payment gateways through which the customer can make payments easily.

Also to attract attention, demonstrate the popular gifts that can be purchased for the holiday season, which will fit in your budget for sure.


Guide customers in making an informed purchase


Guide Customer

Gain the confidence of the customer by helping him in making an informed purchase of the product. The customer feels relaxed and happy before using his credit or debit card for making the payment.

First time buyers are generally hesitant in buying things online, particularly just before the holiday season. The informed purchasing help helps in building that connection with the customer so that the holiday stress does not become an issue in buying.

With improved and helpful communication with the customers, they will have positive experience and become repeat buyers.


Revamp the landing page


Landing Page

As per suggestions from an experienced SEO company, it is recommended to work on the main landing page of the e-commerce site.

The most valuable information should be displayed right on the top. The design should be easy to understand and the navigation should be simplified as well.

The call to action buttons should be prominently visible. These are small revamps in the main landing page of the e-commerce portal for increasing conversions during the holiday season.


Remove links that can distract customers



Usually e-commerce sites have different kinds of links from various sources, which are quite distracting for the customer. Try getting rid of such links so that the customer can focus on the product solely and purchase it finally.

The left hand navigation on the product pages are removed by many e-commerce sites so that the product image and other details can be provided clearly. The call to action button also becomes prominent.


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