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The Ultimate Guide to Increase Sales on Instagram

February 05, 2017

Instagram has developed as one of the most popular social media platforms, where people can post and share photos by using different kinds of effects and filters. Interesting and captivating taglines are also used with the images to draw more and more attention. This social media platform has more than 300 million active users. It is needless to say that leveraging the Instagram platform can provide great benefits in terms of sales for your business.

Using Instagram has become one of the greatest platforms for social media marketing and most businesses are using the same for higher profits.


If you are interested in increasing sales on Instagram, follow the below mentioned guidelines and you will be successful for sure:


1. Creating Instagram posts, which users would love to follow

Images make more impact on the mind of the customer than plain text. And Instagram provides just this advantage. It is recommended to post meaningful yet attractive photos of products so that they can generate sales. There are many shoppers on Instagram but the platform is in no way a shopping destination.

As per latest reports and statistics, it has been seen that almost 38% people are influenced by social media presence of a brand. For increasing sales of a businesss products, it is important that professionally creative posts should be posted.

67% consumers will make their purchasing decision by checking the images than by reading the product description.


2. Run contests on Instagram

One of the best and most effective ways of increasing sales on Instagram is by running contests on the platform. With this step, it is possible to build brand recognition, increase followers and increase engagement on the platform.

Various kinds of contests can be run on this platform. For instance, there are ˜email gated contests, where you need to send your email to win; there are ˜like to win contests, where your photo has to be liked by large numbers of people and lastly ˜#UGC, which means submitting an image with a hashtag.


3. Including links to the business

When boosting sales for the business is the main target, you should never ever forget including links to the business. Without the business link, the followers will never become customers.

It is not possible to link directly from the videos and images, but the URL should be mentioned for sure if anyone wants to click and open the same. Make sure that the URLs are short (use the URL shortener tool for long URLs) and readable.


4. Using hashtags can bring in good sales results

You might know that using two or more hashtags in Twitter and Facebook leads to decreased engagement. But you can use abundant and as many hashtags that you want on the Instagram platform.

As per renowned social media agency, in Instagram using more numbers of hashtags will help in getting better engagement with customers hence increasing sales considerably. If you are not very sure as which hashtags to use, refer to your competitors Instagram account and check details.


5. Responding to comments is a must

When followers are commenting on the Instagram post, it is quarter of the battle won already. This means that people want to get connected and engaged with the brand or the business and want to know more regarding the same.

Make sure that you respond to the comments as soon as possible to create the best impact on the perspective customers. Happy followers are sure to increase sales.

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