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How to Build Your Personal Brand in 2014? Read Here

October 02, 2014

Today we are living in an era of GenX. Gone are the days when things used to happen in days or months. Today seconds dominate the executions. Bewildered!  So am I. Imagine you want a pizza and here you are pizza delivered to you in jiffy. Things have changed a lot over the last few decades and the best part is we are still at the juncture of metamorphosis. At times I see these changes as if we are travelling in a black hole, experiencing new things every second and some day may be we will get out of it and enter into an entirely new world.

Talking about the changes, have you ever wondered about some of the most noticeable transformations of this century? Think about marketing these days. There was a time when sales people used to knock you door day in and day out. And today its something else. Today the websites knock your browsers; androids, may be your iphone. Things are getting virtual every day and with this the paradigm of marketing is taking a new shape.

With so many things happening, I often feel pity about the new marketers who are striving hard for branding their products. Although your kid might be able to do a video conference with you at the age of 4, something which could not have been imagined by your forefathers but when it comes to branding, it might happen that even a highly experienced marketer find it difficult to chalk down the exact blueprint to be followed for branding

So today lets discuss about some simple yet evergreen tips of branding. Try them out and you can find your ROI swelling up.

Here you are, You have a website and you need to grow your brand awareness. What should you do?

Start from scratch. Question yourself, what do you want from your website? Often we start well but then the greediness gets us carried away. The outcome is we have every possible thing present on our website. No matter if its going to fetch us customers or not. So make a simple goal and develop your website all around it.

Be a harsh critic of your work

Few days back I was attending a webinar of Mr. Tim Ash & I loved one of the points he mentioned about the websites. œYour Baby is ugly. Let me rephrase it. Whenever we develop a site, we always think its the best work created by us. Hey excuse me, get into the shoes of your potential customers first and you might hate once you check your website. So the moral of the story is, try to visualize things on your website from users perspective not from your point of view.

Get into the driver seat of Branding

Once you have fixed your goal and developed the website, its time for you to enter the battlefield.

Press Release are an evergreen way to start Branding

Once your website is live, how about giving a try to press release?  Use it to create brand awareness about your site and the products you provide. Sites like PrLog, Prweb, Pr newswire can be of great help in highlighting your website. Although most of the press release sites are paid but its always good to use a few to boost up your traffic.

Blogging Blogging Blogging!

Blogging has always been the apple of the eye from brand managers. The reason being with the help of blogging you can engage a big chunk of readers. The best part is, the better your blog is the better will be your brand awareness. Companies like General Motors, Pepsico and many others spend millions on content writing and blogging. Blog not only help you to make new customers but at the same time it helps you to authenticate your profile and engage with your customers, keep them updated.

The aura of Guest Post

Although today there is a divided view on the use of guest blog. But believe me it you have a proper plan for guest blogging, then it can be one of the best things to do in order to increase your brand awareness.

Social Media 

Here comes the master chef. Using social media is like adding cherry on top. If you have good website, authenticated products and growing client base, then why not use social media to throttle your progress even further. 

Now there can be a billion ways to do it but lets cut the crap out and focus on some key features. The entire social media campaign can be divided into two parts paid and unpaid campaigns. Both of these have their own advantages. Lets discuss each one of them. To start off your social media you can create pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and any possible platforms where you get your potential clients. Once you are done with page creation start adding up your customers. Start outreaching your potential customers. Update potential viewers about your latest developments. Engage with your users.

However like every other campaign, unpaid campaigns have their own drawbacks as well. Although things go fine with these campaigns but the progress rate is quite slow. Therefore you can always go for the paid campaigns and take the help of features like boosted post, remarketing, product ads and many more features on different social platforms.


Platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ad center, Amazon Merchant center, Rediff can open up your gate to a huge customer base. The only thing to be kept in mind while involving with these is that make sure you have a proper strategy for implementing these as they can make you a lot of money but at the same time,  a wrong execution can even get disastrous.

Friendly Collaborations is worth a million pounds

Its always good to collaborate with the players of your niche.  It helps in building trust and at the same time out reaching more potential customers.

At the end of the day remember that when you are marketing your products, you are trying to increase your brand awareness; try to be creative and genuine. You can always check the school books of different people for creating your strategy but use your permutations and combinations to sell your products as its you who understand your business the best.

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