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Importance of Responsive Design

January 24, 2014

As there are new Mobile devices being launched on such a regular basis, online retailers fear their websites future, and are forever looking at solutions to keep up.

What if we tell you the only solution you need is a Responsive Design? A responsive design is important in this day and age, for you to cater to all your customers no matter what device they are browsing on. The figures from a recent survey suggest 67% of the population are more likely to browse and shop on a Mobile or tablet. This figure has rapidly increased over the last two years due to the increase in sales of tablets; so why not make your website adaptable to all devices.

A users experience is what usually lands a sale from an online store or website. If a potential customer has come to your site to make a purchase but cannot search the site adequately on their device, surveys say 61% will simply leave the site they are trying to view immediately. Surveys also state that up to 40% will even turn to the competitors website after a bad experience.

Many online retailers are still not convinced when it comes to responsive design, but what if we also filled you in on the fact that a responsive website will adapt to any handheld devices, which the future may bring. This is because a responsive design is created on the basis of screen size rather than device type. So no matter what that device, the website will always remain as visually stunning and easy to navigate through as if it was being viewed on a Mac or desktop. There are many benefits and rewarding factors to having a responsive design, but let us just stress the following imperative points: - A huge benefit for SEO- As it is a responsive design, there is only one link to access your website from a mobile, tablet, or desktop browser, making it a single task of maintaining all your back links, minimising the annoying redirects and not only that, it makes it easier for Googlebots to crawl, resulting in a higher position on a SERP. - Less bounce-back rates mean more successful conversions. If you are promoted on a social media site, many users will check their updates through their mobiles, and so when they click on the link, if they cant search you website with ease it is proven that 61% leave immediately. M-commerce is one of the quickest rising trends. - As mentioned earlier a responsive website will adapt to future devices- no matter what the screen size may be. This will save a lot of time money and work in the long run when it comes to maintaining your website for many years to come. Build a website that will revolve around your customers, not a website devoted to one device.

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