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Tips To Improve Mobile Ecommerce Experience

September 25, 2014

Its a known fact that mobile browsing/shopping is here to stay. Advances in technology, introduction of faster LTE/4G networks, bigger devices and the convenience of online shopping have resulted in increased sales through mobile ecommerce platforms. According to statistics, 4 out of every 5 smart phone owners use their device to do shopping and order services. Also if an ecommerce store has a mobile version, it is 51% more likely to generate business than web stores available in the traditional version.

The bottomline is that ecommerce store owners do not have an alternative to a well defined and presented ecommerce experience. However, not every ecommerce site makes it to the top.

  The reasons are many. For those looking to improve their business, here are certain ways to improve the sales and profit from mobile ecommerce stores. Responsiveness

Smart phones mean a lot than any other device, operating system software and platforms. While no business can afford to make a separate design for each specific mobile device and operating system, going responsive is the cheapest and safest way. This way, store owners need not to worry about the specific gadget that a customer uses to access the store. Responsiveness would also mean that the store would be presented in a comfortable format.


People who shop from mobile devices dont like to wait. They are a part of the demographics that are more mobile and are intuitive to check out products and service whenever they have the hunch. Ecommerce store owners need to take the maximum opportunity of this behavior. Slow websites will only make these customers move to a different website or give up the idea and forget about it for a long time! Faster loading pages will make sure that the visitor is quickly guided from the product page to the checkout process. This will require eliminating unnecessary scripts, leveraging image sprites and optimizing it for the perfect shopping experience.

Be organized

Mobile users are more goal-oriented and prefer a clearly defined shopping platform than the one providing with a lot of alternatives. The layout as such needs to be simple, bold and impressing. Call to actions should be the priority for mobile ecommerce website designers. Also, designers might need to trim content, and hold on to what is thoroughly essential. The page should be compelling, visible, and obvious.

Simple processes

Right from the initial search for a product to the checkout process, everything should be simple and fast. Customers dont like lingering. Also, there is a chance that people lose connectivity at any point of time “ after they enter the metro, remote places, etc. its only profitable to speed up things.

Experts suggest that after another couple of years, more than 50% of shopping will be done through mobile browsers and this leads us to say that working early upon your platform will only put you ahead of the competition. Research into what your customers look for and invest in a creative and experienced design/development professional and you are through.

Ecommerce is the future design for retail marketing and various other services. Those already on the business understand that several advantages that the internet world puts in favor. However, competition ensures that that only the best businesses survive. It is the same œjungle rule out here. If you cant, you perish.

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