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Tips To Keep Up With The Latest Digital Marketing Trends In World Of Panda, Penguin And Hummingbird

July 28, 2014

With this year fast approaching the end, there are a lot of things which we can learn from the events which have taken place till now. Every time you start to ease upon your quest for being the best in this ever dynamic field of digital marketing you realize that there is something new already unfolding which if ignored can have serious consequences on your business.

Add to this the frequent updates and changes to the algorithm of some major search engine giants especially the Google including the updates like Penguin, Panda or Hummingbird and you will find that each day you have something new to learn about.

Therefore based on the different events taking place this year and events which are destined to take place in the coming year, here we have summarized some of the important tools and tips which can help you to be updated with the latest trends of digital marketing.

Enhance Your Twitter Knowledge Base

One of the best platforms for getting the instant updates and news is Twitter. Now most of us end up creating a never ending list of followers and people who you are following ignoring the real benefits of Twitter. One of the better ways of using Twitter is to create a list of influencers/followers who belong to your industry and niche and remove all the other ones. The benefits of this will be that every time something new is going to happen or has already occurred you will be aware about it just by following the tweets on your twitter. If properly utilized, Twitter can be more like an alarm which will go ringing every time you have something new and important happening in your industry.

Bookmarks have never been so important as before

Bookmarking important sites and checking them regularly is one of the easiest ways of enhancing your day to day knowledge. Not only it enriches your assets in industry but at the same time it keeps you updated and prepared for anything new which is going to happen. Therefore if you were not aware of the importance of bookmarks, the very first thing you should do is to install a bookmark plugin on your browser and start using it.

Subscription is important

Have you ever tried to explore the use of subscription forms you often find on different websites? One of the best advantages of these subscription forms is that they keep you updated. However before you go forward and start filling your mail box with all the wrong and spammed subscription messages here is what you should do. Make a list of websites which you think are worth of keeping in touch to. Once you have completed making the list go to these websites and subscribe to them. Once subscribed, these sites will keep you updated with all the latest information. The end result is you have plenty to eat and digest. And these informations will ensure that your site remains healthy.

Make yourself updated with the Google Webmaster Tool

When it comes to monitoring and maintaining the health of the website it is important that you are familiar with the latest updates of tools like Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. Being aware of these tools not only help in monitoring the performance of your site but at the same time ensure that you take care of any potential major faults in webmaster.

Spend Time in Learning

Try to spend time in learning every day. Try to devote at least an hour in learning and finding new things in your industry. This way you can educate yourself with the new trends of digital marketing and be ahead of your competitors. Researching every day not only helps in increasing your overall business but at the same time teaches you a lot which is very helpful from future perspective.

Join Different Groups on Social Media Platform in order to share your knowledge and learn more

Get in touch with different groups on social media which are related to your industry. One of the best ways to learn new things is to share your knowledge with others. Sharing not only helps you in gaining new things but at the same times establishes your authority and trust in the market. Spending little time every day in networking with these kinds of stuffs will make sure that you make new friends who can further help you in your quest to beat your competitors. One of the other ways of networking is to start up with an effective blogging. Start sharing your experiences, your mistakes and knowledge and in no time you can make a huge follower base.

These are some of the effective tips which if you follow can help you a lot in improving the performance of your business.

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