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Difference between Bespoke Custom Website Vs Template Website

July 03, 2019

You might be thinking about expanding or refreshing your current website or you perhaps want to expand your business online and are looking for the best way to present what you do. There are several options available though for those who is not really techie, it might be a little confusing.

The two basic options are bespoke Custom Website building and template or theme websites. Today we will be discussing about the main differences, advantage & disadvantages as well as the circumstances in which you might be better off with either of the two options.


1. Bespoke Custom Website

Bespoke web design is built with the business plans in mind. With a unique design & experience the developers code the site.The appearance of the website and how users may interact with it are unlimited. However we recommend you to speak in advance with the design & development team as they can provide suggestions based on usability & user experience in mind.


 Advantages of Bespoke Website

  • The main benefit of bespoke site is that it grows and develops with your business. This means the changes to the site and future expansion of the site can be implemented seamlessly and with slightest of the hassle. It gives you the freedom to create and develop an online existence without limitations.
  • Custom website design ensures that you have complete over how your website performs on devices other than computer like mobile phones, tablets etc. as well search engines like Google.


Disadvantages of Bespoke Website

  • It may take longer for bespoke website to implement and it does cost more.


2. Template Website 

  • The template website choice lies mainly in choosing the one that offers the best visual appearance and matching functionality to what you want to achieve with your site.


Advantages of Template Website

  • Template websites can be built easily and quickly, means it can be more affordable as the development cost is lower than that of bespoke website.


Disadvantages of Template Website

  • Template websites have limited customization options. It is quite not possible to get unique functionality or look and as public can access the templates;it is highly possible that several other websites use the similar template as yours.
  • The template coding is often bloated with features you don’t require, which ultimately causes a slow loading time. You also will not have complete control over the website performance as template design allows adjusting only a few settings.
  • Moreover, when it comes to mobile phones and tablets, templates might cause functionality issues and are not always search engine friendly.


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