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7 Practical Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

June 06, 2016

Email marketing remains one of the most common and lucrative SEO tactics in modern marketing. However, in the busy world, getting the emails opened and further acted upon by the customer is truly a challenging feat. Here are 7 practically tried and tested ways to ensure a successful email marketing campaign.


1. Segregating and listing customers

Segmenting Clients

Listing the customers before sending mailers is essentially required as not all the customers prefer this mode of marketing.

The customers can be segregated based on their usual behaviour in response to the coupons, events, news promoted by the site via the emails. There are also geographical, gender segmentations which can help.

One also needs to update the list of the customers who have subscribed to the emails and separate them from the ones who have unsubscribed.


2. To the point mails

Simple Email

The plain and simple mails which very clearly mention the call to action can help nail the email campaigns successful.

On an average, 5 seconds are spent to browse a single mail by the recipients, hence right from the preview pane to the body of the mail, the email marketing company needs to give the best shot with a short and snappy mail.

Being too verbose can mean outright deletion of the mail.

Also, "read more" links can be used for longer messages, with teasers used as bullet points. All lines must be connected so as to engage the customers to click on the links and also visit the site or the landing capture pages targeted in the mail.


3. Catchy subject line

Subject Line

The subject line is the main opening statement for any mail, hence must be gripping and convincing.

Too persuasive subject lines can be a turndown; however showcasing some urgency like limited period sale offer can be befitting and can generate interest among most customers in opening the inner content of the mail.


4. Resorting to Personalised mails and timing the mail


The no reply mails or mass mailers are rarely read and mostly are treated as junk mails by recipients of such mails.

However, the mails received from important people like the CEO of the company can elicit a good amount of interest level. The time of sending the mail is also important, the mail sent after or before the peak working hours can potentially fetch a positive response.

The proper means of responding must be mentioned for a more personalised touch to the mail.


5. Addressing mobile customers

Mobile Customers

The mobile friendly mails are best to reach a larger target base as most people nowadays prefer the mobile interface for checking mails, shopping on the web, browsing and more.


6. Selecting the best out of text and image based mails

email symbol on row of colourful envelopes

Some links and a small paragraph with bullets can be the perfect way to go about. Eye catchy images used in the mails are sometimes blocked. 

Hence, image based mailers looks shabby when the image is broken or unclear in the mails.


7. Testing and tracking the email responsiveness


Testing the mailing details like the subject line, content and other detail of the mail can help.

Changing the positioning of the mailing details, checking the number of times mail is sent, changing the subject line for same mail can be some ways of testing the mail campaign success rate.

Also, Tracking the bounce rate or post click customer engagement rate can be useful.


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