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7 Common Google PPC Mistakes To Avoid

March 17, 2022
7 Common Google PPC Mistakes To Avoid

Business owners who hired Google PPC often made mistakes. Technically, it is almost impossible to avoid these mistakes when a business is starting.
Fortunately, these mistakes are avoidable. A little knowledge and some caution can make PPC management effortless.
Noted below are the top 7 PPC mistakes business owners can easily avoid, with solutions:

Mistake#1: Unclear PPC Campaign Objective

When you are setting up a PPC management campaign, it is extremely important to set a clear goal. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to generate leads? Are you aiming at sales?
Once you know the goal, tailor the campaign. If the goal is not clear, the campaign cannot be structured properly.
Mistakes could range from picking the incorrect bidding strategy to anything that makes a different to the PPC management goals. As yourself:

  • What do I want to accomplish with paid ads?
  • What are the most important metrics for my business?
  • What results am I looking for?
  • What is the importance of the leads?

Create both short-term and long-term goals. Measure the results to ensure you are getting maximum returns from the PPC campaigns.

Mistake#2: Poorly Structured PPC Management Campaigns

When your PPC management campaign is poorly structured, you cannot get optimal results. For example, if there are multiple business locations, you should create innovative campaigns targeting each office. Typically, if the business is serving various demographics.
If there are service offerings, you may want different PPC campaigns for the services of your business. Likewise, if there are two campaigns similar to one another, try to consolidate them into a large campaign with better keywords as well as ad performance.
Good structure enables Google to distribute the budget across different ad groups. You can also have better control over the appearance of your ads.

Mistake#3: Mislabelling CTA

Businesses may often forget or mislabel their call to action. If you are straying from optimizing the ads, your goals may not be met.
Strong CTAs are important for your business to encourage visitors to click on the website. However, Google Ads is limited to characters used in the element of the ad copy. Some businesses panic and leave out the most important part of the campaign - why.
The solution is to get to the call to action and its essence. You have to ensure that it is included in the headline of the ad. This shall inform potential customers about what they should do next, and you get a conversion.

Mistake#4: Not Performing Competitor Research

Before you begin PPC marketing, research all your competitors in the market. Get into the root of the keywords targeted and the ads running.
This research can help you to get some idea of the kind of work your competitors are doing, based on which you can create your ads for successful campaigns. Moreover, when you analyze your competitors, you can see new companies mushrooming.
Your research should focus on your competitor's ad spending, keywords used in their PPC ads, the profitability of the campaigns, competitors bidding on the keywords you use, and much more.

Mistake#5: Improper Choice of Target Audience

When you are setting up the Google ad campaign, target the correct audience for your company. Ensure that your target is people interested in the offer. Reach them using location, demographics, strategic targeting, and other tools.
Google ads allow you to customize the audience by adding demographic details. However, there are default observations. So, it may not target the right audiences to automatically build a network, and it may only report how your audiences are responding. Test how audiences are responding to the ads.

Mistake#6: Not Creating A Proper Landing Page

A well-designed and structured landing page that is easily navigable can take businesses a long way. If it is difficult or confusing to use, they would leave without taking an action.
The content of your landing page is extremely important as well. It should match the ad copy so that people are not surprised when they visit.
Consider creating multiple landing pages for each ad group. You can also have different landing pages for each product or service.
Test the landing pages for effectiveness with Google Ads insights using Quality Score, All Conversions, and Landing Page Experience. The structure and copy of the landing page can have an impact on the metrics.

Mistake#7: Avoiding Negative Keywords

When you set up a Google PPC management campaign, apply negative keywords too. You don’t want to pay for irrelevant search results.
For instance, if you sell shoes and someone is looking up spiked shoes, it is a negative keyword. Google supports negative keywords that are broad, phrases, and an exact match. Be familiar with these keywords and learn to choose carefully, knowing the difference.


PPC marketing is critically important for your business value. To do it like a pro, hire a PPC agency. KOL Limited is the best choice for PPC management.

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