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5 Ways You Can Improve Your eCommerce Website Design With Us

January 25, 2022
5 Ways You Can Improve Your eCommerce Website Design With Us

Any eCommerce business aspiring to have a competitive edge online should find an optimal solution. With small but significant steps to improve business, you can drive additional traffic to a website. Eventually, it leads to conversions as well as customer satisfaction.
The best way to optimize your eCommerce web design is to connect with KOL Limited for professional eCommerce solutions, development, analytics, and operations teams. We give you 5 ways to boost up your eCommerce website performance.

#1: Enhanced UI/UX Design
To make your eCommerce website and app more responsive and enjoyable, we create optimized experiences. UI/UX experience is pivotal for increasing and building a loyal customer base. 63% of users would not return to your website/app if the personalization and the experience do not satisfy them.
Improved UX design translates to a better shopping experience from the moment users visit the site to the final checkout. Effortless experience is paramount. Moreover, good shopping experiences can also build positive associations with the brand to leverage customer loyalty.
Superior UI design refers to improved graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the content. It is also the key to ensuring consistent design flow with strategically placed elements, quick loading, and refining other essential elements to make an interactive user interface.

#2: Improvise Data Analytics for Optimized Conversion
At KOL Limited, we make eCommerce responsive with our data analytics services. It not only helps your business stay connected but also ensures you understand the effectiveness. Proficient data analytics squad creates in-depth and easily understandable infographics about the site's performance. Reports help you to understand the features used most frequently and the aspects leading to conversion. This data can be used for creating new strategies focusing on customer experience.
We monitor your eCommerce sites constantly to assess and ensure it produces good results. This takes off the load from the eCommerce business.
Our knowledgeable DevOps team utilizes the information obtained through data analytics and creates a revolving cycle connecting development, testing, as well as deployment. This improves the site manifolds. You can not only see how the site operates, but also monitor the data used to build an optimized eCommerce solution.

#3: Ensure Responsive Web Development for Large and Small Screens
Mobile devices are so popular and easy to use. To adhere to the changing technologies and user habits, an eCommerce store has to go mobile. An app version of the store with intuitive design and user-friendly navigation is the quick link to keep customers happily shopping.
Having a matching mobile app at par with the eCommerce web design can create an integrated visual brand. App interfaces have proven to have better compatibility with mobiles and tablets than robust web pages. So, it is very important to create an app for a better experience for mobile users.
But, simply knowing that you need to build an app and developing one in real-time are two different things. KOL Limited plays a key role here in assessing the technological needs of the brand before creating solutions. As you work with experienced development teams, your app looks professional and becomes easier to use. Our operations and development teams collaborate effortlessly to provide high-quality solutions consistently.

#4: Better Web Accessibility
Web accessibility is a term that defines the usefulness of an app or website for disabled people. Making an app or website more equitable is the order of the day. People with disabilities, or special needs, account for a sizeable percentage of revenue. So, it is imperative to make the online website and app access to that group of people, leading to increased conversions and improved user experience. In addition, websites that do not adhere to these accessibility guidelines may be vulnerable to lawsuits.
Web accessibility has certain standard and structured principles with foundational attributes. Accordingly, an online website should be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.
We build prudent and accessible websites for your business. We ensure that the eCommerce website caters to all your customers adhering to the accessibility standards and guidelines.

#5: Create Manageable Forms
Forms are an integral part of eCommerce websites. However, longer forms are less likely to be completed. Your website can give a great UX, making customers compelled to purchase. But, their mood might change abruptly due to lowly designed forms.
Forms are the trickiest element of both UX as well as CX design as they depend on users. That also makes it important to create short and simple forms that do not take too much time. Our expert team adheres to the best design practices, using all the innovative and advanced tools like auto-fill and ReCAPTCHA. Manageable forms focused on UX alleviate the eCommerce website and increase overall sales.

Last Word
If you want to collaborate with an established team to develop eCommerce web design, look no further. KOL Limited is your answer to the most sophisticated and advanced tools in eCommerce solutions.

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