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5 Tips to Write Outstanding Post for Social Media

September 08, 2017

The importance of social media cannot be undermined in the success of any business in todays date. With millions of active users on the various social media platforms, it is easy to reach out to large numbers of potential customers for the business in the shortest time span. But for that, it is important that you write the right kinds of posts for social media. The posts have to be highly engaging for driving customers to the business.

This is the reason many businesses hire agencies offering social media services so that they can develop the best social media posts and boost business in the best manner.


Mentioned below are some essential tips which will help in writing excellent posts for social media:


Use images as much as possible

It is a well-known thing that images always help in creating better impact when compared to plain texts. And in case of social media, this works wonders.



As per reports, it has been seen that tweets which contain images have a chance of being re-tweeted much more, the percentage ranging to almost 94%. Also on Facebook, there is 87% more interaction rate between the users when there is an image attached to a post.

The same stands true for Google+ shares. Therefore try using appropriate images with suitable captions to attract more numbers of users and customers. 


Beware of grammatical and spelling errors

Many people think that social media is a place where there is no need to be grammatically correct. This is okay if you are posting something personally.



But when the posts are for business purpose, it is important to be correct from all aspects, including spellings and grammar. While some people will ignore the errors, some will notice them keenly.

The errors give an impact of non-professionalism and no business would want that. Before posting, make someone else go through the post for checking out any kinds of errors.


Ask questions to set an interactive tone

Knowing about customers choices and preferences is a prerequisite for any business. And that cannot be known without asking questions.


mobile compatible-1

In your social media posts, do not hesitate in asking questions from the customers as it helps in setting an interactive tone and people can start a conversation.

This helps in boosting engagement with users and customers and businesses can get to know their customers well. In fact by this method, it is also possible to find the right target market for the business.


Brief but interesting and informative

While creating a post for social media make sure that you dont write long write-ups. Long blocks of texts are often ignored in social media.


keep it simple-2

Thus make posts that are brief, interesting but informative. The content should be crisp and juicy so that customers get what they are looking for within the few words that you spend on creating the post.

The choice of words has to be selected so that your message is conveyed directly without any kind of fuss.


Follow consistent posting schedule

Ask any social media agency and they will agree that following a consistent social media posting schedule is very important for success of any business.


Love Social Media

Many businesses make the mistake of over-posting and this can have negative impact on the business. Rather, it is recommended to keep on posting regularly following a schedule. You will find that customers will be waiting for the posts.

Follow these and you are sure to find success in business with social media posts.


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