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5 Secret Tips to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page

July 09, 2016

The business on Facebook is skyrocketing every passing day. It is gaining a huge success and it seems there is no end to this wide market. Apparently, the huge connectivity of some 1.4 billion active monthly users has a fair share of it. It is gaining momentum and people are loving it for its unbeatable response.

Setting a Facebook page for your company has its own benefits from branding to getting sales. Social media has become a platform that is lucratively delivering some huge profits to many businesses and certainly made a boon in the industry.

Facebook advertising, in the same way, have reshaped marketing in a different way and people are reclining over this like never before.

Facebook Ads

People are still in the quest of how to update their page on social media and make it responsive for getting business. Remember just updating content and making posts on Facebook is not going to impress your audience. You need to implement some active strategy to make it work.


If you want those people to listen to you and get attracted to your brand, we tell you how you can do it effectively:

1. Find the right time to update

Posting vaguely at any random hour of the day is no benefit. You need to post when the audiences are active and they can actually have a look at your content. There are some specific time periods wherein social media updating actually benefits.


2. Response makes you alive

Updating your Facebook page regularly without responding to the audience who are actually taking interest in your brand makes you dead. Get alive and respond to your audience with warmth. If someone cares to come to your Facebook wall taking out time, it is your responsibility to RESPOND. You need to show them that their views are welcomed and reply back to their questions or queries.


3. Effective length of the posts

Believe it SHORT is the new LONG. How short and catchy your posts are, the more weight it will get. Put crispy lines with required hashtags and let them roll. Ideally, a Facebook post comes around with 40-80 characters but you can make it long too. Remember engagement decreases the longer you go, so imply short and effective measures.


4. A high-quality cover photo

You cannot go wrong on this. Setting a high-quality cover photo that describes your brand comes crucial in Facebook advertising. Keep it engaging and appealing for your audience.


5.  œAbout section cant be empty

Fill in your œAbout section imperatively. It gives you a way to tell the world who you are , what you do? Try explaining them about your brand in the most enticing way so that they may have an air of your brand. Try not to miss it with a brief and descriptive copy. Be wise by using words that draw the attention and they are hinged to check over on your page.

The world is dealing with effective Facebook advertising and it is your call to make a difference. Branding through social media is a way to go and necessary measures can take your brand to some next level.

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