Your Content Marketing Strategy In Just 4 Steps

Are you scared of Penguin or Panda updates? Well you should not be if you are following a solid content marketing strategy. But how you will craft a content marketing strategy that will expand your reach and increase your customer base and at the same time will work as a shield for your website against Google updates? Here we are going to share the steps which you should follow to create content that will generate sales.

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Leverage The Power Of Online Customer Reviews

Online reviews and product blogs can help drive sales in a big way. About a decade ago when someone tried to get more information about a product, before buying it from an online shopping portal, he used to rely on the knowledge of close friends or his intuition. However, the word-of-mouth process has thoroughly evolved with the emergence of social networking sites.

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How To Create A Better Product Page? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Experts suggest that presenting products with every possible detail through textual content and imagery is very important. High resolution images, HD videos, scale etc can be a motivating factor to increase sales. Your product page should be engaging, informative and converting.

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An Insight into Amazon

With festive seasons fast approaching, it’s time for shopping. Something for everyone, that’s the motto when we start shopping. And it’s not just Halloween; in fact this is that time of the year when literally celebrations are all around the globe. And billions are spent on shopping only.

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Tips To Improve Mobile Ecommerce Experience

It’s a known fact that mobile browsing/shopping is here to stay. Advances in technology, introduction of faster LTE/4G networks, bigger devices and the convenience of online shopping have resulted in increased sales through mobile ecommerce platforms. According to statistics, 4 out of every 5 smart phone owners use their device to do shopping and order services. Also if an ecommerce store has a mobile version, it is 51% more likely to generate business than web stores available in the traditional version.

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